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Pahanthudawa Falls & Gorge Excursion

Pahanthudawa Falls, translating to ‘Flame of the Lamp’ Falls cleverly named for the shape of its drop, is probably the most unique waterfall in Sri Lanka for its remarkable landscape and natural terrain. With towering walls of stone on each side, the gorge facilitates waters that descent from the hilltops of Horton Plains, passed by the doorsteps of the glenrock, and thereafter transform into the River Belihuloya on its way to the Samanalawewa Reservoir.

Ancient Buddhist Cave Temple

Legend has it that a feeing king (King Mayadunne) found refuge in the village (where the glenrock sits) cave centuries ago. Here he built a temple inside a cave decorating it with frescos and statues of Lord Buddha along with other deities.

HKO Canyon Tour off Road Travel

Breathtaking climb through a Canyon, a beautiful waterfall with one of the best natural fish therapies in the world. Optional & subject to entry permission – Baker’s Bend trek or Tuk Tuk safari (from the fall) lush tea gardens with tea pluckers, breathtaking sceneries from the famous Baker’s Bend, experience isolated village living.
Thini oya

Three Pits on River Thinioya and Scenic Viewpoint – Off Road Travel

Travel uphill from the glenrock through the sleepy village township of Landu Yaya and Adam’s Wilderness Nature Reserve to discover the hidden corners of Sri Lanka. On this less-traveled offroad road, experience the lifestyle of remote villagers and the serenity of changing scenery. From thick jungles to tea gardens and small waterfalls, enjoy the panoramic views of Balangoda and end with the unique three-pit river Thinioya. For the best view, arriving at the scenic point before 10 am is recommended.

Bambarakanda (Tallest Waterfall) and Samnala Wewa Reservoir

Bambarakanda Falls is the tallest of all beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka with a drop greater than a quarter kilometer (263 meters/862 feet). The fall cascades amidst the luscious green forest of the Kalupahana Area. Samanala Wewa (Butterfly Lake) Reservoir collects the waters of the Hill Country’s Southern Slopes running through the country’s third-largest hydroelectric dam and illuminating the nation.

Clay Pottery Making and Aluthnuwara Shrine Tour

Pottery Industry – Sri Lanka’s pottery tradition, which has its origins in proto-history, endures to this day. While it has incorporated elements from other traditions, it remains uniquely Sri Lankan. This enduring tradition is certain to preserve the authentic Sri Lankan cultural heritage for years to come. Aluth Nuwara Shrine – Take in the splendor of the shrine dedicated to deities as you make your way to the pottery.

Horton Plains & Great World’s End Drop

A scenic route to Horton Plains National Park from Haputale through beautiful Ohiya slopes. (With possible viewing of sunrise from Haputale)

Udawalawe National Park Elephant Safari

Watch elephants roaming in their natural habitat at the Udawalawe National Park, and on the way back enjoy the curiosity of baby elephants in the elephant orphanage. If your next stay is on the beaches down south, Udawalawe lies in the middle of your journey.

Ella Excursion with Nine Arch Bridge

Enjoy a fully managed, hassle free Ella excursion. Ella is a well known tourist hotspot with plenty of activities to keep you busy. The excursion includes Mini Adams Peak which has breathtaking views, A visit to the the famous Nine Arch Bridge, some leisure time in Ella town, Visit to the Ravana caves, Viewing Ravana falls and Ella gap. You may have plans to do here in Ella including visiting the beautiful Ravana Falls. We encourage you to indulge in a bit of local history on the famous story of King Ravana, who kept the beautiful Princess Sita in the Ravana Cave. We will provide transport to Ella town and let you enjoy Ella at your own pace and leisure.