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About The Glenrock, A Luxurious Retreat in Harmony with Nature

About The Glenrock,

A Luxurious Retreat in Harmony with Nature

The Glenrock is a luxurious hideaway nature resort that can be found in a mountain village close to the peaceful town of Belihuloya, around four hours from Colombo and the airport. Our remote location, tucked up between Hagala (Rabbit Rock), the Horton Plains and Worlds End Mountain range, and the Adam’s Peak Wilderness, guarantees a tranquil getaway.

The Glenrock invites you to have a truly exclusive experience while submerging yourself in the splendor of nature. Join us to make cherished moments and share in our dedication to community empowerment and sustainable growth.

The Beginning

The Glenrock, a boutique luxury nature resort inaugurated in 2015, provides a one-of-a-kind and amazing experience in the beautiful mountainous countryside of Sri Lanka. Our founder, Bandula Abeysinghe, had a vision for a location that would benefit the nearby villages directly in addition to generating foreign exchange that is vital for the country’s economy. Our organization was founded on his love for protecting nature and empowering the local people.

Our founder Bandula Abeysinghe holds a number of outstanding positions in addition to being the Chairman/CEO of The Glenrock (Pvt) Ltd., and Zenith Immigration Inc. (Canada), and Janmabhoomi Lanka Foundation. These include being an Attorney at Law, Sri Lanka and a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

His ambition to develop a tested idea of establishing modest but upscale guest boutiques or legitimate companies that empower the villagers without requiring them to travel to cities for work served as the inspiration for the glenrock. In order to develop a sustainable and peaceful relationship with the surrounding environment, we intended to create a location where nature meets luxury.

What Sets Us Apart

Our dedication to having a minimum impact on the environment is what makes the glenrock unique. We haven’t built an outer border wall like traditional resorts do, allowing our property to fit in with the neighborhood community. Ticked away next ot the iconic Belihuloya river, our property was carefully constructed to cause little or no harm to the surrounding natural environment.

Why Choose Us

We provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with nature at The Glenrock. Our opulent hideaway offers a peaceful refuge where visitors may relax, spend time in nature, and take in the serenity of the Belihuloya area. We work hard to make our visitors’ stays with us genuinely unique and revitalizing by fostering lifelong memories for them.

Our Vision

We aim to provide a model significantly boost the country’s economy while serving as a model for a successful company that supports local communities. We want to establish ourselves as a tried-and-true idea that encourages constructive change and growth by providing opportunities for people and supporting sustainable practices.

Our Sustainable Commitment

We take seriously our obligation to conserve and maintain nature. The Glenrock relies on fresh water from springs, which guarantees the highest quality air and a close connection to nature. We follow a checklist to uphold our dedication to sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint.

Rewarding Achievements

We are proud to have been recognized by TripAdvisor, receiving their annual Certificate of Excellence with a rating of 5 out of 5. Additionally, Booking.com has honoured us with their annual guest review award, where we have been maintaing an impressive rating of 9.4.

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The Glenrock Luxury Nature Resort, Ulugalathenna, IhalaGalagama, Belihuloya 70144

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