The Glenrock

The Glenrock

The Glenrock



Made with love and served with love for an ecstatic dining experience

Power of nature has set your soul free as soon as you set foot at the glenrock creating a perfect setting for your taste buds to run amok. Our experienced craftsmen in the white hats are now waiting to treat you right royal. Hurry, make your pick/s from the international and local choices from our well liked set menu and/or a’ la carte, for they are waiting to cook it for you with well balanced spice and love through a personalized service rather than in a general common buffet. The settings and the experiences you are about to hear below make it ecstatic dining in nature with luxury.

The taste of food made with love and served in nature and a unique setting in luxury will linger on.

"Peelaside” Restaurant

Breakfast: 7 am - 10 am Lunch: 12.30pm - 03 pm Supper/Dinner: 5.30pm - 9.30pm

‘ Peelaside Restaurant ’ ( ‘Peela’ in Sinhala is a human height fall of a tiny natural water stream. ‘ Peela ‘ is the natural shower head of the villager)

Peelaside Restaurant ’ provides you a holistic food experience in the clean sense of the word. Wooden architecture of ‘Kubuk’ , sight of giant squirrels, squirrels , birds and butterflies roaming on the twigs and branches touching the deck, the greenery to soothe the eyes, the breeze and music of water to rouse the appetite and the great view of the Horton Plains mountain range rising a few kilometers like a gigantic wall on one side and surrounded by a 365 view with terrace farming rice fields and the Rabbit Rock. ‘Peelaside’ features the outdoor restaurant dining as well as adjacent private enclosed dining options too and well-balanced selection of local and international cuisines with choices for you to pick from a Set Menu and/or a’ la carte. And cooked with love in an all open kitchen, while you are watching.

In Room Dining

Experience the ultimate in cozy indulgence with an in-room dining room service experience prepared by the chefs at the glenrock. From homemade baked bread at sunrise to a midnight craving for sliders and fries, our 24-hour team delivers the tastes of the world right to the comforts of your room.

Al Fresco Dining

Dining at The Glenrock Luxury Nature Resort is also a unique experience. We have a wide variety of unique dining experiences that cannot be found at ordinary luxury resorts while enjoying the wonders of the natural environment. By day, dine al fresco at the pool terrace or enjoy a traditional meal or afternoon tea in KAMATHA. As the sun sets, choose from various spots, whether at the 360-degree rooftop, Rocky chat spot in the middle of the rice field, or the Glenrock hospitality on the river. You can also have a "champagne breakfast" while enjoying the beauty of the environment.

Family enjoying a relaxing breakfast on a lush poolside terrace at a nature resort.

Natural Pool Side Dining

Enjoy your meal with the wonder of nature at our pool terrace overlooking the beautiful paddy fields.(subject to availability and at a surcharge)

A Pretty Girl is Enjoying at The Glenrock Luxury Nature Resort

High Tea on the river

Now you can enjoy a high tea at the Glenrock luxury nature resort on a cold stream.(Subject to availability and at a surcharge)

Guests enjoying a multi-course meal set on individual tables amidst a vibrant green paddy field at a luxurious nature resort.

Kamatha (Rice thrashing filed) Café

Sitting on a traditional Sri Lankan paddy field and savoring a local or exotic meal while enjoying the rural beauty can create an unforgettable experience.(Subject to availability and at a surcharge)

Bonfire dinner under the stars at a luxurious nature resort

Bonfire Dinner

A different kind of bon fire dining experience can be had by sitting on our natural pool terrace or sitting on our threshing floors. (Subject to availability and at a surcharge)

Photo of a champagne breakfast at a luxury nature resort

Rivers edge Breakfast

The usual breakfast you now have the opportunity to taste a breakfast with exclusive champagne on the river bank. (subject to availability and at a surcharge)

360-degree rooftop Dining

In the middle of a mountain, you can now enjoy a variety of local and foreign food while enjoying the 360° degree of beautiful surroundings. (Subject to availability and at a surcharge)

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