Three Pits on River Thinioya and Scenic Viewpoint – Off Road Travel

Travel uphill from the glenrock through the sleepy village township of Landu Yaya and Adam’s Wilderness Nature Reserve to discover the hidden corners of Sri Lanka. On this less-traveled offroad road, experience the lifestyle of remote villagers and the serenity of changing scenery. From thick jungles to tea gardens and small waterfalls, enjoy the panoramic views of Balangoda and end with the unique three-pit river Thinioya. For the best view, arriving at the scenic point before 10 am is recommended.

Unveiling the Journey

For the best view, being at the scenic point before 10 am is recommended


USD 50 + Taxes & Charges

(Up to a maximum of 3 or 2 adults with 2 children below 11 years)


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