Bambarakanda (Tallest Waterfall) and Samnala Wewa Reservoir

Bambarakanda Falls is the tallest of all beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka with a drop greater than a quarter kilometer (263 meters/862 feet). The fall cascades amidst the luscious green forest of the Kalupahana Area. Samanala Wewa (Butterfly Lake) Reservoir collects the waters of the Hill Country’s Southern Slopes running through the country’s third-largest hydroelectric dam and illuminating the nation.

Unveiling the Journey

22km to Bambarakanda Falls from the glenrock.

Samanalawewa reservoir and dam is 10km off the main road on the return trip from the Falls


USD 50 + Taxes & Charges

(Up to a maximum of 3 or 2 adults with 2 children below 11 years)


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