Pahanthudawa Falls & Gorge Excursion

Pahanthudawa Falls, translating to ‘Flame of the Lamp’ Falls cleverly named for the shape of its drop, is probably the most unique waterfall in Sri Lanka for its remarkable landscape and natural terrain. With towering walls of stone on each side, the gorge facilitates waters that descent from the hilltops of Horton Plains, passed by the doorsteps of the glenrock, and thereafter transform into the River Belihuloya on its way to the Samanalawewa Reservoir.

Unveiling the Journey

Travel by accommodating Safari Jeep or Tuk-Tuk for 10 minutes to the trail point. Cross the river and
walk through the Gorge for about 300 meters.
Note: This excursion is subject to change due to weather conditions.
The excursion is not possible if the water ow is too high and dangerous.
Slightly difficult short hike along boulders to reach the main basin of the waterfall.


USD 15 + Taxes & Charges
(Up to maximum 3 adults or 2 adults with Two children below 11 years)


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