Lipton Seat, Dambatenne Tea Factory

Located about 17 km from the unique old-style township of Haputale is the famous Lipton Seat viewpoint. Experience incredible panoramic views of the country (you can see four of Sri Lanka’s provinces on a clear day). Gaze into the infnity of the Indian Ocean across the southern slopes with an abundance of beautiful landscapes in good weather conditions. The Dambatenne Tea Factory tour is an educational journey through the process involved in the fermentation, rolling, drying, cutting, sieving, and grading of tea. It is probably the most comprehensive tea factory tour around. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes and sip a cup of Broken Orange Pekoe (BOP) tea. Buy factory-fresh, beautiful tea at factory outlet prices to take home to loved ones, friends, and neighbors back home.

Unveiling the Journey

Leave at 7:00 am.
Reach Lipton Seat at 9:00 am.
On the way back, reach the Dambetenne tea factory at 10:00 am.
Leave Dambatenne tea factory at 11:00 am.
Reach the glenrock at 12:45 pm, have a great lunch, rest, relax, and enjoy inside resort activities.
The total distance is 48.5 km (one way).


USD 75 + Taxes & Charges
(Up to a maximum of 3 or 2 adults with 2 children below 11 years)
Sundays and some select days of the factory’s choice, no processing takes place (Subject to permission
of the Tea Factory)


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