Ella Excursion with Nine Arch Bridge

Enjoy a fully managed, hassle free Ella excursion. Ella is a well known tourist hotspot with plenty of activities to keep you busy. The excursion includes Mini Adams Peak which has breathtaking views, A visit to the the famous Nine Arch Bridge, some leisure time in Ella town, Visit to the Ravana caves, Viewing Ravana falls and Ella gap. You may have plans to do here in Ella including visiting the beautiful Ravana Falls. We encourage you to indulge in a bit of local history on the famous story of King Ravana, who kept the beautiful Princess Sita in the Ravana Cave. We will provide transport to Ella town and let you enjoy Ella at your own pace and leisure.

Unveiling the Journey

Leave the glenrock at 6:30 am and be at the Little Adam’s Peak around 8:15 am. Reach the famous Nine
Arches Bridge by 9:45 am.
Return to Ella town before noon, stroll through the town, and experience a variety of street food to
satisfy your taste buds.
Climb up to Ravana Cave & Temple, and view Ravana Falls and Ella Gap. Leave Ella around 5 pm to return
to the glenrock for a restful afternoon.


USD 125 + Taxes & Charges
(Up to a maximum of 3 or 2 adults with 2 children below 11 years)


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